Is A Toy Aussie the dog for you?

First of all, if you want a toy dog that is above average in intelligence,

requires  grooming,  shedding, and a very strong desire

to be with you constantly, loyality, shows great love doing whatever you  

are doing, highly trainable temperament, then the Toy might be the dog  

for you.  They follow you room to room, not leaving your side.

We do believe in crate training of our dogs.  You never know when it is

needed.  But, we do not allow our dogs to be locked away in a crate for

long periods of time, and will not like a puppy of ours to end up this way.

We breed our Toys for others to enjoy what we already have.  These are

people dogs and we want puppy buyers to know the love we get from

our lovely dogs.

Our goal is to produce the smartest, cutest,most loving, well colored,

registered Toy aussies.

Toy Aussies have been established over the past 40 years to be "little

dogs" minus continued barking, stubborn willed and difficult to train.

We are small hobby breeders with a few litters a year. They do not live in cages

or a kennel.

Like all breeds, Toy Aussies can have some health issues, mostly eye problems.

There are genetic tests that all breeding dogs should have done. There is also

the MDR-1 gene. Our dogs are all tested, I will let you know if this could be a

problem. Only two of our girls is a carrier for the MDR-1 gene, and could possibly pass this on.

We have her puppies tested for this gene, before they leave. You are told whether this is with your

puppy, so you are prepared to not use certain drugs.  Tonka is negative for any issues.

Some big kennels refuse to test. We test for PRA,HC, MRD-1, and many other generic   disorders.